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General Competition Rules
Competitors shall register their entries and pay any necessary entry fees prior to the official start time.
Late entries shall only be permitted at the discretion of the competition secretary or his representative;
Competitors who have neither registered nor paid any entry fee shall not be eligible to enter any part of a competition;
Competitors who have registered an entry shall be deemed to have agreed to, and be bound by, any Competition Rules;
The organisers shall be at liberty to change courses and laps etc. To suit prevailing conditions;
Competition rules shall be freely available for inspection at any time throughout a competition;
The ‘Officer of the Day’ or his representative shall be solely responsible for governing any sailing programme;
No craft shall be operated without the express permission of the ‘Competition Secretary’ or his representative;
Radio frequency control shall always be operated. All radio transmitters must be identified, preferably with the owners name and club;
At the conclusion of a competition the results shall be available for inspection;
Competitors shall be entitled to ‘protest’ in writing on the day;
Awards shall be made at the discretion of the Officer of the Day;
Competitors failing to comply with the General Competition Rules shall have penalties imposed or shall be excluded from the event at the discretion of the Officer of the Day;
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