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Restricted Fast Electric Multi-racing Rules
All competitors are restricted to a 540 motor or equivalent and six 1.4Ah subC Nickel-cadmium cells; 2.4 Ah Nickel -cadmium cells or 4.0Ah Nickel Metal Hydride cells.  The motor must be standard, unopened and unmodified and must have cost a maximum of £20 r.r.p.’
Any hull may be used up to a maximum of 24 inches.  It must be semi-scale and carry a driver figure if the cockpit is open.  A racing number must be carried and be in a prominent position.  The boat should carry a frequency pennant on its aerial.
A race will consist of 15 to 20 laps of a course described on the course plan sheet, the number of laps to be announced on the day of the race.  If a boat misses a buoy it must keep clear of all other boats when it re-rounds the buoy.  Deliberate ramming of another boat will lead to disqualification of the offending driver for that race.
The event will consist of one or two race(s).
Points will be awarded in the following order :-
                              4 points for 1st
                              3 points for 2nd
                              2 points for 3rd
                       and 1 point for finishing
If a boat is removed from the water during a race, it may return to the race provided it does so before the others have finished.  Any boat which does not complete the required number of laps or is returned to the race after all other boats have finished will not gain any points.
Only plastic propellers may be used on the model for race purposes.
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