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Steering & Docking Rules
  1. Competitors shall be ready to launch their craft within 5 minutes of being called.  Failure to be ready to launch may mean competitors being re-allocated a sailing time further down the sailing order or exclusion should the course judges so decide.
  2. Competitors shall be able to inspect the course diagram for a suitable interval before attempting the course and shall be issued with a course diagram on launching, for use during their attempts of the course.
  3. Competitors shall not be talked through the course by any official or by any other party.  No competitor, whether sailing or not, shall converse with course judges whilst they are engaged in their duties.  Failure to comply with this rule shall mean the imposition of a penalty at the discretion of the course judge.
  4. All obstacles must be attempted in the order shown on the course diagram.  The route between obstacles is discretionary, but the approach to and departure from,must be in the direction shown.
  5. If the bow of any competing craft in forward motion, or the stern if in rearward motion, passes beyond the line of any double marker buoys or beyond the line shown on the course diagram marking the commencement or termination of any obstacle, the craft will be deemed to have attempted that obstacle and penalties awarded accordingly.  The craft must then complete the manoeuvre or proceed to the next obstacle.
  6. Only one attempt at each obstacle will be permitted.
  7. In the event of a craft both striking an obstacle and then failing to negotiate it correctly, only one penalty shall be awarded, that being the penalty carrying the higher value.
  8. The course judge shall state any penalties incurred by the competitor at each obstacle.  Should a penalty be awarded for an attempt at any obstacle, the craft must proceed to the next obstacle.  If after an abortive attempt the craft correctly negotiates the obstacle, the original penalty shall still stand.
  9. Craft shall not be permitted to attempt any obstacle out of order, e.g. passing through a gate forming a later part of the course shall be deemed ‘practising’ and a penalty awarded accordingly.
  10. No time limit shall normally be imposed, but the course judge shall have the authority to deem an attempt has been made should he consider the time taken at any obstacle to be excessive.
  11. Mechanical or radio failure of a craft after launching shall be deemed a failure of the course and penalties awarded accordingly.
  12. Radio interference after launching shall be deemed ‘force majeure’ at the judges’ discretion.
  13. Competitors or their agents acting at any time in a manner ‘not in the spirit of the event’ shall be excluded.
  14. Ties may be resolved at the discretion of the course judge by a deciding run-off.
  15. The course judges decision on course penatlies if final.The penalties are as follows:Striking an obstacle or not completing a docking manoeuvre (e.g. hitting a buoy or dock end or not coming alongside)  5 penaltiesFailure to negotiate an obstacle in the prescribed manner (e.g. a miss, an attempt, a wrong direction or an obstacle out of order)  10 penaltiesFailure to complete the course  Exclusion
  16. A competitor may only make one entry to the competition I.e. one boat, one driver.
  17. One boat may be sailed up to three times, one these times must be the owner.
  18. Obstacles must be 1 meter apart.
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