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Dave Ellis

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Dundee Model Boat Club
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Home Water :
Stobsmuir ponds

Club Summary :
The club was formed on the 20th April 1885 at the Coffee House, Candle Lane, Dundee for the “ furtherance of the recreation of all aspects of Model Boating. ” It was originally known as The Dundee Model Yacht Club.

The club meets at the Stobsmuir ponds on Tuesday evenings from 7.00 pm and on Sunday afternoons from 1.00pm . These times are used for free sailing or competitions and there is a clubhouse beside the pond for inclement weather and provides nicad charging points and refreshments. The Club is open all year round and, if the pond is frozen in winter, we still meet for a chat and gossip (sometimes even boat related!).

Web URL:      http://www.modelboating.co.uk

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Edmund Faulkes


Tel:  07950-902267

updated 12/5/16