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Glasgow Richmond Model Boat Club
Contact :
Robert Forman
Email glasgow.richmond@gmail.com
Location :
       Richmond Park in Glasgow

Home Water :
      Boating Pond, Richmond Park in Glasgow

Club Summary :
The Glasgow Richmond Model Boat Club's primary objective has been to promote the hobby of model boat building and sailing.
The club is housed in comfortable premises and has good facilities for disabled persons. They can reach the club premises using their own transport where members are always available to help them launch their boats in the pond.
The club meets throughout the year on:
Thursday Evenings - 5:30pm to 9:30pm
Wednesdays  & Sundays  - 11am till 4pm

Web URL:     www.glasgowrichmondmbc.co.uk

The Committee are now as follows:
Brian Cowell....         Chairman
Neil McCarron ....    Vice Chairman
Robert Forman  ....   Secretary
Ronnie Morlan ....    Treasurer