8th March 2017
Knightswood Model Boat Club
Donald Morrison, Secretary of their newly formed Events Team, has sent the Club events programme for this year.

This has been added to the Events Calendar  (Rev. 4)

A new event has been added to their programme - a Merchant Navy Day - scheduled for the 14th May.  This is open to ALL NON MILITARY boats.
As ex MN (& a Yarrows, Rowans,  Fairields and Weirs apprentice) I feel sure it will be a success.  If not … you mean I wasted 6 years of my life ?  Joking of course.  Never was nor never will be a waste !!!!

Also of note is their Search and Rescue Day being run for the second year.
16th March 2017
Carslile Model Boat Club
Derek Potter  (Club secretary) tells us of a change in the Club Committee.

Maurice Suddaby (Chairman)  is replaced by RAY ROBSON.
I am sure we all wish him well.

Furthermore, should any of you be using the following email address for the Club ………..  PLEASE be aware that this address is NO LONGER AVAILABLE having been closed down.      carslilembc@gmail.com
Model Steamer Club
Update of the Club Newsletter postings (Club Publications/Newsletters) has been done.
No problems were encountered in so doing.  However we would ask that , should anyone have problems viewing these updates, would you please let me (Webmaster) know of this.
Thank you.

Once again, apologies to the MSC for the delay in sorting this out.
Edinburgh Model Boat Club
The Start of Season sail is on the 14th May.

This was incorrectly shown on the Events Listing as taking place on the the 4th May.  
The Event Listing has been corrected.


It is with great regret that, owing to an almost complete lack of support for the event, the host Club has found it necessary to cancell the Summerlee 2017 show.

I feel sure you all appreciate that in order to secure a booking for any event, there must be an assurance of at least a minimum level of support.  
Sadly that was not the case for this event.

Summerlee Model Boat Club are to be thanked for their willingness to undertake the hosting of the show.

! !

23rd June 2017

23rd February 2017
Glasgow Richmond Model Boat Club
CHARITY SHOW - Date Change

In order to avoid any clash with the Summerlee Show, the Club has changed the date of this event to -
10th September.
Location and timing will be as before.

The Events Programme has been updated to reflect this.
Borders Model Boat Club
Edinburgh Model Boat Club
Our thanks to David Jack, the club Secretary, for giving us  dates for the Club sailing programme for 2017.

These have been added to the Events Programme.
John Gowers (club member) tells us that Roddy Beatson, the Club Secretary, has fallen ill whilst in the Wirral.
He is confined to hospital having suffered what is believed to be a stroke.

I feel sure that everyone would wish him well and hope for speedy recovery.

In the mean time John has offered to be the contact for secretarial matters.
He may be contacted at :      jlgowers@gmail.com  OR on  07903969996.
I guess the first real challenge for John will be the Club Annual General Meeting which has been arranged for the 28th March in St Boswells Village Hall.
I feel sure the meeting will be entirely to the satisfaction of the Club members :-)
2nd March 2017
The Model Steamer Club
Tom Ewing, Club Secretary, has copied us the Club Newsletter for February 2017.
This can be viewed from the Club Publications page .

He has asked that the poster page for the “Doon the Watter” Spring Show be made available for viewing and/or printing as a single A4 sized page.
Other Clubs are invited to participate in the Show and so distributing this poster around clubs would be very helpful.

The other Club events have been added to the 2017 Events listing.
CLICK to see and/or Print Poster
The Model Steamer Club
It has been pointed out that there are three Newsletters from 2016 missing from the NewsLetter page on this site.
Whilst these had been posted at  appropriate dates last year, it appears that a failed update of this page (amongst others)  in mid October did the damage.  Subsequent repairs did not spot the deletions ….  
Very unfortunate;  we are in the process of  restoring the missing newsletters but very carefully ………..  Just in case one of these was the cause of the original problem.

17th October 2016

AFFILIATED CLUBS  -   Club Information pages

Corrections & additions


Details of Contacts, Telephone numbers and eMail addresses have been corrected/updated.

Our failing - NOT the Clubs.

Sadly , other than the above, there is little of any consequence to report since it appears that communication, one unto another, has fallen out of fashion and even my trusty crystal ball has become cloudy (advancing years or waterfalls or whatever).

I sincerely hope that this does not reflect the happenings at Club level.

If it does, model boating, in Scotland at least, is in deep doo-doo.

But then perhaps I have become, as some predicted, a grumpy old male cynic.

Regardless I wish you all well for the remainder of the year, in silence or not, in your own little cubbyholes or elsewhere.

This is a measure of  the feelings of those who do their utmost to help and support and despite this are rebuffed.


20th January 2017


The Club advises that it has held its’ AGM on the 15th January and that the Committee for 2017 is shown below.

Arthur Wilkins


Norry Mason

Vice Chairman

Murray Wilson


Michael Loney


Members of the Standing Committee are as follows :

Brian Cowell

Susan Faye

Robert Forman

Neil McCarron

Joe McKinney

Ronnie Morlan

Hugh Stevenson

All Committee Members may be contacted at glasgow.richmond@gmail.com

Thanks to Eddie Haig for submission

See Events Calendar for 2017
Club Page has   been updated   
5th February 2017
Annual General Meeting
Sunday 26th February 2017
Glenavon Suite
The address for the hotel is Edinburgh Road,  Bathgate,  EH48 1EP

If you need it,  a Google map may be found HERE
The Agenda for the meeting may be read in full by clicking HERE.

Please be aware that  ANY ITEMS for discussion under Any Other Business should be notified to the Secretary,  in writing (email accepted), NO LATER than SUNDAY 19th February 2017
! !

30th July 2016

Saturday 10th and Sunday 11th September 2016

Here we go again.
You have known about this event  for a year (you know .. Like 365 days?)

And here we are, one month (like 30 days from the event date), trying to persuade all you model boaters to consider taking part.

Wow …

As at past shows, those displaying may attend on the Saturday, the Sunday or on both days.

If attending both days, models etc. may be left overnight this being a highly secure location.

Getting your models into the show area.

    Friday 9th Sept.  From 4pm to 6pm

    Saturday 10th Sept  From 8am to 9.45 am

    Sunday 11th Sept  From 8am to 9.45 am

Collecting your models from the show area.

    Saturday 10th Sept  and Sunday 11th Sept  - 4 pm to 6 pm.

The museum is open to the public between 10 am and 5 pm.


Model Steamer Club

              August Newsletter

Submitted by Tom Ewing …

Really worth a read.

4th September 2016

I sincerely hope that this event is successful.  
If not I guess its continuation is questionable.

How sad would that be ..…………..

To those who are attending, sincere thanks for your support, both Clubs and Exhibitors.

You are what attracts the Visitor and I’m sure that, over the years you have together converted many ‘ .. No .. I couldn’t do that!’ folk to committed model makers.

Model Steamer Club

                      July Newsletter

Submitted by Tom Ewing …

Really worth a read.

Saturday 10th and Sunday 11th September 2016

I guess if you are coming along you’ll have decided already.

If you are not coming ………………… shame on you.

9th September 2016

MY apologies to the Model Steamer Club for tardy publication of their monthly Newsletter.

I feel shamed by this admission .………… so few Clubs make this effort to keep their members informed of happenings in their area of involvement (sheesh, thats crap - can’t find the right words) but I’m sure you know what I mean.
From the dim and distant past -  “
must do better” comes to mind.

Model Steamer Club

             September Newsletter

Submitted by Tom Ewing

22nd September 2016


Sadly, if this years show is a measure,  support for this type of event in Scotland seems to be rapidly waning.  Apathy ?  Lethargy ?  

There would appear to have been a range of complaints, comments and observations regarding this years event, all of which are simply excuses for a lack of attendance (support).

It is notable that year on year the same clubs make great efforts to put on displays to the great pleasure of visitors.

For those of you who do not visit the Forum, I note below the response of the organiser to some of the issues raised.

In my view this shows a remarkable degree of constraint on his part.  

Thanks are due to those model boats clubs who put in the time and effort to attend and display boats.

Due to the lack of interest by many model boat clubs, next years event will be hosted by Summerlee and be open to all aspects of modelling.

Now a few answers to clarify things for some people.

Some of the things asked and said about this years show …….

QUESTION: why are there things like Air Force Cadets at a boat show.

ANSWER: Because without them and other different areas of modelling the place would be half empty.

QUOTE: I could not bring any boats as I am only here for the one day.

MY ANSWER: Rubbish, this like previous years, Items could be brought on either Saturday or Sunday and taken away again the same day.
NOTE particular and special arrangements were made by SFMBC and the Museum to allow this to happen.)
For example ..Die Cast modellers from Lochgilphead managed it on Saturday, a round trip of about 196 miles, for one day.

Heard at Glasgow club, ‘I did not go because I was told it was not that good’.
Perhaps if you and others like you got of their lazy a**** and made the effort to attend, you would have been able to judge for yourselves.
(Naw … ah’ve goat tae have sumwan tae blame.  Certainly the East Coast has the same saying - not sure quite how it may be described but ..)

I find it strange that travelling to Coatbridge is too far for some, however the same individuals can make the effort to travel to shows in England.

Finally, whether or not anyone wants to organise a purely Model Boat Show in the future is up to them.
My only regret about this is the effort put in by the same clubs every year, who are let down by those who turn up and talk about how great their boats are, but have yet to display as much as a photo of one of them.
So to those clubs who have supported the event year after year …  thank you.


3rd February 2018

The site has recently experienced problems with some of the functions that are used.
These relate to :
       Google Maps - the browser may report that a Google Map                failed to generate.

      Picture Galleries - a number of the galleries may not be                reachable and the browser may report an error.

We are investigating these issues and hope to resolve them shortly.

In the meanwhile please accept our apologies for any inconvenience caused.

10th April 2018


Sadly, owing to an almost complete lack of information coming forward from Clubs, the programme page for 2018 is virtually empty.

A search through Club web sites (where they exist) has failed to fill the gaps.

Filling these gaps is down to you folks in the Club Committees.  
A specific email address has been set up to gather any and all contributions to the web site, be it programme information, Club information and/or changes etc..

Anything posted to that email address will be acknowledged and an indication given of the likely web update.


We look forward to hearing from you all.


As has been noted in conversations on the FORUM, the company providing internet storage facilities for images (Photobucket) has announced a major change in its policy regarding third party hosting.  This means that any <Img> link from, for example, this web site is no longer part of their service and so as from late 2017 these images will not (would not) be visible.

Unless of course you pay $399 up front (per year).

Fortunately the great majority of images in the Gallery pages are stored on the SFMBC web site.

However images contained within posts on the Forum are stored at locations defined by the individual who posted them.  I suspect a very significant number of these resided on the Photobucket servers are therefore classed as 3rd party hosted.  

Those of you who have looked at the Forum and in particular at the Under Construction posts will find all images linked to photobucket fail to display.

Clearly Photobucket have no concern over the damage they have inflicted on a vast number of non commercial web sites.

I believe that the original images remain in users accounts and that it is still possible to download them onto the users PC if necessary. Unfortunately restoration of the blanked images lies with the individual user who posted them.    

Alternative solutions are under investigation but will take time …..

25th April 2018


The Federation Secretary (Nigel Coates) has issued, along with the Minutes of the recent AGM, a questionnaire  addressing these issues.



A long overdue review and update of the many site links is underway.
A very significant number of these involve deletions where the sought for web site no longer exists (or perhaps does exist but under a different URL).